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Stop worrying about where your next customer is coming from.

Build One Magnificent Landing Page, advertise online and optimize for conversions to tap into an endless stream of customers - for less. Watch the video below to learn how.

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Let’s talk about how you can get more online customers on a shoestring budget.

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    Why most businesses fail to get customers on the net

    If your company isn’t ranking high on the first page of Google, you have to pay to draw them to your site… and that means online advertising.

    However, for most businesses, the cost per click is too expensive, and not enough of those paid visitors become customers - it’s a money pit.

    If this has been your experience, you probably come up short on one of these fronts…


    Ad not based on an offer

    The ad promotes a company, not a specific product or service they offer, or problem they solve - causing irrelevancy which drives up costs per click.


    No dedicated landing page

    Ads send traffic to the company homepage, resulting in a poor landing page experience - which drives up costs per click.


    No optimization

    Campaign is launched in fire-and-forget mode: no testing to see if assumptions were correct, which results in low conversions… and high costs per click.

    Here’s how you can reduce your cost per click by up to 800%
    and improve your visitor-to-customer conversion rate by triple digits.

    How Passenger Transports Visitors to Your Site and Converts Them Into Customers... For Less.

    We Build One Magnificent Landing Page to sell your best offer...
    Drive traffic to the page through online advertising... (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.)
    & Optimize ads and landing page for conversions.

    Why It Works


    The more relevant the ad experience, the lower the cost per click.

    The ad experience is highly relevant when…

    • Your offer closely targets a specific keyword
    • your ad is focussed on one specific offer
    • your landing page is crafted as an extension of your ad

    This cut your cost per click by as much as 800% - imagine paying $0.50 per click while your competitors are shelling out $4!


    No one knows the best way to sell your product… but it can be discovered.

    The typical landing page has a conversion rate of about 5%. In other words, 5% of the visitors perform whatever action the page was designed for (ie. submit a form). Optimized landing pages regularly convert at 25% or more!

    Even if you hired the world’s best copywriter and designer to build your landing page, you could still double it’s performance through optimization.

    How We Optimize a Page

    Make two versions of the page, identical in every respect except one (ie. a different headline.)

    Split the traffic between the two pages and track which page gets more conversions.

    Discard the loser, make the winner your new baseline, and move on to the next experiment.

    Sometimes a single improvement can boost a page’s conversion rate by triple digits! Usually, it takes a number of tests and optimizations to get a triple digit improvement.

    Conversion optimization is your ace in the hole.
    When done right, you can’t lose.

    If you only invest in one marketing project this year…

    Build one magnificent landing page for your best offer, drive traffic to it by online advertising, and optimize for conversions.

    No other online marketing activity provides a better return on your investment.


    How We Get There

    STEP 1

    Introductory Meeting

    Fill out the form on this page to set up an Introductory Meeting where we’ll talk about whether this strategy is a good fit for your business model.

    STEP 2

    Deep Dive Meeting

    Next comes the Deep Dive Meeting, where we’ll figure out how to best position your offer and map out a conversion funnel.

    STEP 3

    Install Google Analytics

    We install Google Analytics (if you haven't already done so) and start tracking your website’s performance.

    STEP 4


    We craft the copy for your landing page and ads, and build a wireframe design to show how it all fits together.

    STEP 5


    We design the page and create high production-quality graphics.

    STEP 6


    We code the page and publish it on your website.

    STEP 7

    Ad Campaign

    Then, we’ll set up your ad campaign on Google, Facebook, or wherever your customers congregate and start driving traffic to the landing page.

    STEP 8


    We’ll A/B test and optimize the page (and ads) - and we’ll keep optimizing until we start seeing diminishing returns

    STEP 9


    We hand over the keys. When you have all the customers you can handle, pause the campaign. When you are ready for more, turn it back on.

    Our Guarantee - Save 50% Or You Don't Pay

    Passenger builds technology that drive traffic and convert visitors into customers. We specialize in crafting One Magnificent Page, driving traffic to it through online advertising and optimizing for conversions.

    I’m so confident that this will cut your cost per conversion in half - if we fail to meet that standard, you don’t pay.

    HOW IT WORKS - We calculate your cost per conversion after the first 24 hours of launching the ad campaign. If we can’t reduce that cost by at least 50% by optimizing your ad campaign and landing page, we’ll refund your money.

    Why Companies Trust Passenger

    We're marketers first

    We put in the time to understand why your customers buy your product or service - because without that, it’s impossible to write landing page copy that sells.

    We emphasize design.

    Can you think of a world-class product that doesn’t feature world-class design? That’s because great design and success go hand in hand. Unless you are the low-cost option in your market, don’t look like the low cost option.

    Your bottom line is the bottom line.

    Words, images and pages are all means to a single end: squeezing maximum profitability out of your conversion funnel. So we experiment and optimize to discover what works best, because that’s the only way.

    Seen enough?